Who We Are

Get to know the wonderful staff at Spin Ultimate!
Who We Are

If you have played Ultimate at any level, then you no doubt know Spin Ultimate. You’ve seen our jerseys and gear at your local pickup, at tournaments, and even on ESPN! You know our brand and you know what we do, but do you know who we are? We thought it would be fun to give you a little behind the scenes look into who works at Spin! Here’s some background on the awesome employees who make Spin Ultimate what it is!

 Dan Konisky has owned Spin since 2011. Dan’s been playing Ultimate longer than he cares to admit and has been chasing glory the past few years with Reckon, Southern Charm, HURT and Atlanta PAIN. Some day, Dan would love to visit every MLB park, but that dream is on hold for the time being. 

Lindsey Fallon is Spin's Creative Director and has worked at Spin since 2019.  She either designs or oversees every creative thing we do – team uniforms, tourney merch, marketing, social media, and website. She's been playing in frisbee leagues since 2009 and various club teams since 2015. It all started when her college didn't have intramural soccer so she took ultimate as a class and got hooked on going to pick up games! Lindsey's life goal is to visit all the U.S. National Parks and has been to 20 so far!

 Chrissy Weeks is Spin Ultimate's Operations Manager and Ambassador of Fun. In her role as Operations Manager she makes sure everything gets made and delivered to your satisfaction. As ambassador of fun she plans our staff parties and generally tries to make the office a more interesting and sparkly place to be. She has had a varied career including being a paralegal, retail manager and professional seamstress. After graduating from the University of Kentucky, she moved to Atlanta and has now lived here more than half her life.  Chrissy has never played Ultimate but enjoys watching others play. She did play Roller Derby and dabbled in other sports such as fencing, archery, volleyball and swimming. 

Madeline (Madz) Rittgers is a Graphic Designer at Spin Ultimate. Madz started playing back in high school around 2012 where her friends started a mixed team and actually ordered our first jerseys from Spin. She enjoyed the sport so much that she continued it in college and played on BlackCat at University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee and now plays club for Milwaukee Medusa. Madz cites herself as a foodie and even runs a brunch themed instagram account/blog.

Emma Finucane is Spin Ultimate's Team Sales and Relationship Manager as well as our Social Media Lead (you may have seen her pop up on the Spin socials). She started playing ultimate in her freshman year at the University of Pittsburgh (Hail to Pitt, btw) and was a captain of High Voltage, the women's B team. Hey, it was either ultimate or rowing, so she's pretty happy she picked the former. Since graduating in 2022 she's been playing in AFDC leagues and the occasional party tournament. In her other life, Emma is an advanced yo-yoer and owns over 100 yo-yos.

Matt Fazzalaro is Spin Ultimate's eCommerce and Production Coordinator. Matt started playing Ultimate in 2018 after a friend invited him to "Frisbee Friday '' at their high school (classic) and he has been hooked ever since. After graduating he went on to play for Samford Dogma, the Georgia Jojah, and now plays in the club ultimate open division for the Atlanta Hooch. Fun fact – Matt once locked himself out of his house and picked the lock with two paper clips and a YouTube video. So much for home security.