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A Spin Team Store is a dedicated store, hosted on our website, where your team can order uniforms and team swag! You can make the store available for just your team, or open it up to friends, family, and alumni.

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Members of your team place their uniform order and enter their sizes, numbers, names, etc. They also pay for the gear themselves. This saves you the hassle of wrangling everyone’s order info and collecting money.


Add extra goodies to your team store like hats, hoodies, or joggers! This lets everyone on your team buy extra gear and also gives your friends, family, and alumni a chance to buy swag to proudly represent your team. Get your team merch out into the world!


If you like, we can set up your store as a fundraiser so that you'll earn revenue sharing on the items ordered through your store. It's a great way to generate funds for your program.



  • What are the main reasons to do a Team Store?

    Team Stores make it easy for your teammates to order their uniforms and optional swag. You don't have to worry about collecting everyone's sizes, names, numbers, or money, which we all know can be a huge hassle. It also means you don't have to front the money for your team's uniform order.

  • What items can go in a Team Store?

    Your team’s uniforms and/or extra swag can be sold through your team store. We can design any gear you see on our Team Gear page. Want something you don’t see on the Team Gear page? Ask your Spin rep--we can look into it for you!

  • If my team is ordering a uniform package, can I still set up a Team Store?

    Yes absolutely! If your team wants to order a uniform package, you can still order through a Team Store and take advantage of all the benefits. You can still order each item individually, so as long as you meet the minimum order quantity for each individual item, it's all good.

  • Does Spin help with designs?

    Yes we offer free design assistance! Just send us your logo(s) / ideas and we’ll create the gear of your dreams. In some cases, we ask for a modest deposit up front to cover our design time. We then refund this deposit when you complete your Team Store. Ask your Spin rep for more details.

  • How do my teammates select their name and/or number?

    When we set up the items in your store, we will enable fields where everyone can enter their player name and/or number.

  • What are the shipping options?

    We generally offer two shipping options for your Team Store: Ship My Order To My Team and Individual Shipping.

    Ship My Order To My Team: When you get to the Checkout page, you will see an option called "Ship My Order To My Team". These orders ship together to your team contact, who is then responsible for getting your order to you.
    Important note: If you are not part of the team, you should not select Team Shipping as it will be difficult to coordinate delivery of your order.

    Individual Shipping: Alternatively, you may choose to have your order ship directly to you by picking a shipping method.  The cost is calculated based on the size of the order and the shipping address.  This is perfect for friends, family and alumni.

    Important Notes:
    • Sorry, but the free shipping for orders over $75 does not apply to Team Stores.
    • If you add non-team items to your order, the "Ship My Order To My Team" option will not be available and additional shipping charges may apply.

  • What happens if I pick "Ship My Order To My Team" but I'm not part of the team?

    When you get to the checkout page, it is very important that you select the proper shipping method. If you pick "Ship My Order To My Team" but actually want your order to ship directly to you, then we will have no way of knowing this, and will ship your order to the team.

    After your order ships, if we have to track down your order and coordinate delivery with the team contact on your behalf, we reserve the right to charge you a handling fee of $50 to cover the additional shipping and time it takes to coordinate delivery.

  • How long should I keep my Team Store open?

    We generally recommend leaving a team store up for 10 days to 2 weeks. This gives everyone plenty of time to get their order in. We find that longer stores just lead to procrastination and unnecessarily delay the time to get your gear.

    We can keep the store open for a shorter length of time, even for 24 hours! Just ask your Spin rep - we'll work with your timeline.

  • Can I track who on my team has ordered?

    Yes absolutely! For every Team Store, we share a tracking doc that auto-updates in near real time so that you can monitor your store to make sure everyone has ordered. You can also check their numbers, spelling of names, sizes, and other important details.

  • How do I know what size to order?

    Sizing and fit guides are available for all of our products on our Team Gear Page. Prior to ordering, teams may request a set of samples, free of charge, to try on for sizing. We will also send a prepaid return shipping label to make it easy to return the samples to our office. Contact your Spin rep for more info.

    Unfortunately we are not able to exchange sizes once your Team Store closes and we start production of your gear. Please review the details of your order carefully and contact your Spin rep or email us at Shop@SpinUltimate.com if you need to make any changes. We will happily update your order at any time prior to producing your order.

  • What is the turnaround time for my gear?

    We start producing your gear once we close your Team Store (not when orders are initially placed).

    For screen printed, spot sublimated, and embroidered gear, turnaround time is generally 3-4 weeks from when your store closes (plus shipping time). For Full sublimated gear, the turnaround time is generally 5 weeks from when your store closes (plus shipping time).

    Keep in mind that it is not uncommon for Team Stores to stay open longer than originally planned based on a team’s request. When this happens, production and shipping dates are pushed back accordingly.

  • Are there order minimums?

    Yes we do need to enforce order minimums for any items in your Team Store. If you don't hit them, then we expect the team to order the difference to get to the minimums. In some cases, we may have some flexibility to waive the minimum quantity, but in others we don't.

    The minimums depend on the types of gear you're ordering, so just ask your Spin rep and they can walk you through the details.

    We're often asked if we cancel/refund orders when minimums aren't met, and the answer is no. The reasons are:
    1) It's a lot of work to refund orders, communicate with everyone, etc. It's a really poor customer experience.
    2) If we didn't enforce minimums, then teams would just have us throw up a bunch of stuff to see what "sticks". That's potentially a big waste of time and teams wouldn't have any "skin in the game". And then we're left dealing with all your unhappy teammates, parents, and friends.

  • Cool, I want to do a team store! What do I do?

    Contact your Spin rep or email us at Info@SpinUltimate.com!

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