What is Sublimation?

Sublimation is a fabric printing process in which dyes are injected into the fabric before the garment is assembled. This is in contrast to traditional screen printing in which ink is laid on top of the garment. Since the ink actually becomes part of the fibers within the fabric, designs don’t sit on top of the garment as with screen printing. This means that the design stretches along with the garment, won’t crack or fade over time, and the garment is able to maintain its full moisture wicking properties.

Full Body Sublimation Printing

The sublimation process allows for incredibly detailed designs that can utilize every inch of the jersey—from seam to seam on the front and back, including the hems, sleeves, and collar. Unlike traditional screen printing, you’re not limited to a certain screen size and you can use any color, font, text size, gradient, and effect you can dream of. Sublimation also allows for customization of your player names and numbers and the use of any font, size, or placement you like.

Simple Sublimation

Simple sublimation is similar to full sublimation, but with much simpler designs. It works the same way and offers the same benefits as full sublimation, except that designs are limited to certain sizes and locations. 

To design a simple sublimated jersey or shorts, you can pick the base color and add a logo to the front, a sleeve or back logo, and player names/numbers. If you are looking for a more extensive design (e.g. pinstripes, gradients, patterns, body wrapping images, etc.) choose full sublimation.

Spot Sublimation

Generally speaking spot sublimation is a way to upgrade your screen printed gear. It works the same way and offers the same benefits as full sublimation, except that designs are limited to certain sizes and locations.

Unlike screen printing, however, spot sublimation allows you to achieve incredible design detail, color effects, and customized fonts and sizes for player names and numbers. We can spot sublimate on jerseys, shorts, trucker hats and other items, keeping in mind that generally speaking, spot sublimation only works on white garments.

Artwork Guidelines

When you send us your design, be sure to include as much detail as possible, including font names and sizes, locations of names/numbers, colors, etc. If you want a particular color, please specify the Pantone number (keeping in mind that computer screens often render colors differently).

Or, if you prefer, let us create a design for you. Spin has talented artists at your disposal to help you create a unique, one of a kind jersey. We can create a design for you from scratch or work with you to fine tune your own creation.

Download Full Sublimation Templates (AI)