USA Ultimate Uniform Requirements: College, Club, Masters, and Youth

Spin Ultimate breaks down what you need to know about USA Ultimate's uniform requirements.
USA Ultimate Uniform Requirements: College, Club, Masters, and Youth

Lots of things go into making an Ultimate team operate successfully and smoothly. On top of all the tryouts, practices, tournaments, and fundraisers, the last thing you need to be surprised with is that your uniforms don’t meet the necessary requirements. That's why we at Spin Ultimate have put together this guide to help you understand uniform requirements for both college, club, and youth level competitions.

Below you will find the requirements for jerseys set forth by USA Ultimate for any team competing in any college or club division:

1.) USA Ultimate reserves the right to require a team to alter a team name, player name, team logo, or jersey graphic that they deem inappropriate. Try and keep it fun for the whole family.

2.) All players on the team must wear jerseys that are identical in both color and design. Furthermore teams must have 2 distinctly different colored jerseys, 1 that is mostly white, and 1 that is mostly dark.

3.) Team jerseys must have numbers on the back and front of the jerseys. The numbers on the back are required to be at least 6 inches tall, with 1 or 2 digit Arabic numerals, and be solid and in contrast with the predominant color of the jersey.

Numbers on the front of the jersey are required to be at least 4 inches tall and located above the waist, so that they would still be visible if the jersey is tucked in. (the front number may be anywhere above the waist, including the chest or the abdomen. Numbers on sleeves do not count!)

Players on the same team may not use the same number or numbers with the same value (EX. 01 and 1, 00 and 0).

4.) Uniform bottoms worn by players must be of identical color and design. This includes shorts, pants, skirts, etc. Teams are not required to have numbers on their bottoms however if they choose to include numbers, they are required to be placed on either the front right or front left leg of the garment. Numbers must be at least 2 inches tall, match the number on the back, and placement must be the same for the whole team.

5.) Accessories such as tights, undershirts, compression sleeves and hats must be either solid black or in coordination with one of the team uniform colors. Socks that are mid-calf or lower must be white, black, or in coordination with one of the team uniform colors.

That is all the requirements for the USAU College and Club division uniform guidelines. Now I know what you're asking… What if I play in a different division? Like Master or Youth? Well we have got you covered on that too. The only real difference in the guidelines for the Masters and Youth divisions is that you only have to have a number on the back of your jersey, instead of both the front and the back.

If you are curious about examples of acceptable and unacceptable uniforms, click here to view the whole USAU uniform guide.

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