Ordering Tips Series: Part 1

Spin Ultimate breaks down exactly what you will need to start a custom gear order.
Ordering Tips Series: Part 1

If you are thinking about ordering some custom ultimate frisbee gear but have no idea where to begin, then you’ve come to the right place. In this first part of our ordering tips mini series we will break down exactly what you will need to know when starting the process of ordering custom gear for your ultimate team.

First things first, you need some idea of what kind of gear you want. Are you looking for the classic two jerseys and shorts combo? Maybe you want your team to be decked out in other swag like hats, hoodies, and joggers. Knowing what you want makes the whole process quicker and simpler from the get go. Now it is important to know what kind of product your team would like but it is equally as important to know how you want that gear customized. Do you want your gear fully sublimated? Embroidered? Maybe even screen printed? This is the kind of information that can be incredibly useful at the beginning of the ordering process. Now we know you probably have no earthly idea what any of those words mean and that's ok! Thankfully you can browse all the products we have to offer on our website. Here you can also learn about all of our customization options.

Check out our Customizable Gear Page to see all that we have to offer and maybe even learn a little something about the apparel industry along the way.

Another item on the list of handy things to have ready when starting your process is a budget! Having an idea of your desired budget allows us to help you narrow down your options so that we can get your gear into your hands as quickly as possible. Check out our Uniform Packages to see what options we have available and which works best for your team.

Armed with the knowledge of what you want along with how much you are looking to spend will make ordering with us as easy as pie. Still have questions? That is totally OK! We've been doing this for a long time and can provide guidance and happily answer all of your questions. Be sure to reach out to a Spin Ultimate representative at Info@SpinUltimate.com when you are ready to start your order and be on the lookout for the next part of our ordering tips blog series!