About Spin

Founded in 2007 and based in Atlanta, Spin Ultimate provides high quality uniforms and gear for Ultimate teams and players in North America and around the world.  Spin is owned and operated by Ultimate players.  We have played at virtually every level—local leagues, college, Nationals and Worlds.  We have captained National Champions, run tournaments at every level, and provided merchandise for some of the largest tournaments on the circuit.  We live and breathe Ultimate and are dedicated to the sport, its teams, and its players!

Meet the Staff 

Dan Konisky: Owner/President/Sales Rep/Boss Man 

After taking over the company in 2014, Dan primarily serves as President/Owner of Spin Ultimate. He is the man that makes it all happen, managing details in every aspect of the company. Dan also serves as our Head Sales Representative, working very closely with all of our team sponsorships. Besides running his own company, Dan enjoys..... 

What is your favorite piece of Spin gear? 
What is your favorite thing about Ultimate Frisbee?
If you could be any animal, what would it be? 

TJ Martin: Production Manager 


With over 5 years of experience in our production department, TJ serves as the Production Manager here at Spin. He's in charge of organizing, scheduling, and tracking every order throughout the entire production process ensuring exceptional quality and timely deliveries for our awesome customers! Outside of ultimate, TJ enjoys the outdoors by biking and hiking with his dog, Cahya. TJ currently coaches the Emory University Men's team, the U20 YCC Atlanta Men's team, along with assistant coaching the AUDL's team, Atlanta Hustle. 

What is your favorite piece of Spin gear? Mountain Patch Adjustable Trucker Hat
What is your favorite thing about Ultimate Frisbee? How loving, accepting, and fun the community is!
If you could be any animal, what would it be? Cheetah. I'm trying to run fast for the rest of my life.

Lindsey Billingsley: Head Designer 


Lindsey makes all your awesome ideas come to life by designing the coolest team jerseys and tournament swag! Living in Ohio, Lindsey has been playing ultimate frisbee in some capacity since 2010. Most people in the ultimate community know her as Billy. She captains, coaches, and works for ultimate so you could say that she lives the ultimate life!

What is your favorite piece of Spin gear? Waves Racer Shorts!
What is your favorite thing about Ultimate Frisbee? The Community! 
If you could be any animal, what would it be? Pangolin

Alaina Daugherty: Tournament Merchandising & Online Store Manager 


Alaina’s primary role at Spin involves managing tournament merchandising logistics for all Spin sponsored events. She also manages the website and any online store or team orders. Outside of work, Alaina enjoys being creative by drawing, painting, and crafting. With over 6 years of playing frisbee, Alaina captained her college team and now plays mixed club ultimate.

What is your favorite piece of Spin gear? Blue Hourglass Headband
What is your favorite thing about Ultimate Frisbee? The spirit of the game
If you could be any animal, what would it be? Hummingbird

Danielle Mathis: Head Seamstress 


Danielle is the head seamstress at Spin Ultimate, responsible for attaching all the tags to our merchandise and fun patches to our hats! She is a mom to 3 fur babies. Some of her hobbies include singing soprano in a community choral guild, scouring the internet for ideas on clothing and interior design, practicing her violin, reading and running!

What is your favorite piece of Spin Gear? Microfiber Racer Shorts
What is your favorite thing about ultimate frisbee? Running
If you could be any animal, what would it be? Cheetah (TJ, you might have some competition)

Roo: Demolition Manager

Dog Mom: Alaina 


Proficient in napping, jumping on people, and tearing up cardboard boxes. Her primary position involves entertaining the office with her antics and helping our staff breakdown all the cardboard boxes throughout the day.

Cahya: Office Supervisor 

Dog Dad: TJ


Cahya maintains the safety of the office and alerts staff members about any possible threats, by barking. Examples include UPS and Postal Drivers and pretty much anybody that walks in the door. Don't worry, if you happen to run into her at the office one day, she is all bark and no bite. 

Maebel: Remote Office Supervisor 

Dog Mom: Lindsey


As Remote Office Supervisor, Maebel heads the office home to our designer. Being in a remote office, party of 2, Maebel is proficient in napping, anoying mom while she designs, and bringing mom sticks from outside. The ruff life..